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Most IAE Paris Est faculties belong to the Institute for Management Research (IRG), recognized by the CNRS since 1997 as an “équipe d'accueil” (a unit financially supported by the Ministry of Education). The IRG has some 85 faculties and 35 PhD students working in three areas of research (“Finance and accounting”, “Strategy, HR and logistics” and “Marketing”).

Research carried out in the laboratory addresses the links between management and society. The studies conducted at the IRG seek to analyse the reciprocal influences of changes in management and society, and propose alternative management models that variously take into account economic, social and environmental objectives.

This scientific identity is structured around three thematic axes.

  • Axis 1: Performance and responsibility,
  • Axis 2: The services society and services to society,
  • Axis 3: Innovation, transformation and organisational and societal resistance.

Each of these thematic axes hosts project-groups that  bring together a variety of faculties around a scientific project for a limited period of time, often linked to a research contract.

For more information on the IRG’s scientific activities, visit the IRG website.

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