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Disability Policy

Assistance for people with disabilities

The IAE Gustave Eiffel makes every effort to support its students as best as possible throughout their training. People with disabilities, whatever their nature or duration (temporary or permanent), can subject to certain conditions receive appropriate support and adjustment to studies and exams.

Accordingly, students with disabilities who have a debilitating illness or even temporary health problems, can contact the IAE Gustave Eiffel disability counsellor or the University Paris Est Créteil or University Gustave Eiffel disability unit, who will be able to assist them as required. It is important to report as soon as possible to the services concerned in order to set up the procedure.

All information on the support policy, dedicated services and the application procedure for exams and competitive exams are available on the IAE, University Paris Est Créteil and University Gustave Eiffel websites.

The IAE Gustave Eiffel premises are accessible to all students. Parking and elevator access cards are available on request.

The University Physical and Sports Activities Department (SUAPS) and the Life on Campus Service are available for support and information for all students, including those with disabilities, with regard to cultural and sports activities.

Business and disability

Students with disabilities can take up apprenticeships or work placements. Certain specific procedures have been introduced to support the insertion of these students. Anyone registered as a disabled worker (RQTH) can sign an apprenticeship contract regardless of age (see the Public Service website). Access to business through apprenticeships is also facilitated by aid provided by AGEFIPH (private sector) and FIPHFP (public sector).

Job offers posted on the Career Centre and Job Teaser are intended for people with disabilities.

Systems set up on our campuses


Handicap Advisors - Disability Units
University Health Service (SSU)

Créteil campus centre
Maison de la Santé
61, avenue du Générale de Gaulle
94010 Créteil Cedex
Tel.: +33 1 4517 1383

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