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Logo IRGThe Institut de Recherche en Gestion (IRG) is the research laboratory of IAE Paris-Est. It comprises 101 academic professors from the Universities of Paris-Est Créteil and Gustave Eiffel, 17 associate researchers and 39 doctoral students.

Committed to examining the links between management and society, IRG researchers contribute through their research to a better understanding of the major challenges of our time - globalisation, financialisation, digitalisation and ecologisation. In particular, they shed light on the way in which the social, political and cultural transformations at work challenge management practices and how, in response, management sciences can help society to address these transformations.

In addition to its contribution to academic debate through the publication of articles in leading scientific journals, the IRG supports the development of new management practices. This is achieved by establishing strong links with the socio-economic world in all its diversity - managers, organisations from the social economy, trade unions and the public sector - and by incorporating up-to-date knowledge into its teaching, in line with the major challenges. This link between research and teaching ensures that IAE Paris-Est students are highly employable.

The IRG is organised into disciplines (Finance and Accounting; Marketing; Strategy, Human Resources and Logistics) and its scientific identity is structured around 3 thematic areas:

Area 1: Performance and responsibilities (For example, what contexts make it possible to combine economic and environmental issues?)

Area 2: Services and Services to Society (For example, how can services be adapted for vulnerable people: customers living in poverty, the disabled, the elderly, etc.).

Area 3: Organisational and societal innovations transformations and resistance. (For example, how are sales platforms changing the balance between consumers and brands?)


Would you like to find out more about their work? Conferences and workshops organised by the IRG? The doctorate and the opportunities it opens up in France and abroad? The projects in which our members are involved and which feed into their teaching? Visit the IRG website



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