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1. What do the terms FI, FTP, FA and FC mean?

  • FI (IT): Initial training. Status of full-time students.
  • FTP (FTT): Full-time training.
  • FA (WLT): Work-linked training. Status of students on sandwich courses on apprenticeship contracts.
  • FC (CE): Continuing education. Status of adults returning to studies following full-time or part-time training.

2. I have chosen a course.  How do I find out at what pace it takes place?

The various website pages will provide you with information on the pace proposed. A summary table of these can be downloaded from the “Application for continuing education” page.

3. How do I find out if my application is eligible?

Your eligibility will be determined by the teacher responsible for the degree course, after examining your application file.
To assess your level prior to your application, you can consult the pages on training for:
- admission requirements, which sometimes specify the applicant’s profile;
- a lower level programme (e.g. Master’s 1 for an application to Master’s 2) for assessment by subject.

4. I have been admitted on a sandwich course (alternating between work and studies).  How do I carry out the period spent with the company?

- In your company if your work duties are related to training

- Through a professionalization contract if you are job seeker

- Through alternating work placement, if you are job seeker or employee and your post is not related to the training.

5. Does the IAE provide evening classes?

No, all IAE courses are given in the classroom. You will find the training schedules on each web page of our degree course or in the table of training schedules, downloadable from the “Application to continuing education” page.

6. Does the IAE offer e-learning training?

Only for the Master 2 Management of Health Establishments, the Master 2 Wealth Management and the Master 2 Management of Organisations.  Courses for engineers and architects are partially offered in e-learning form.

7. Do I need to have TOEIC / TOEFL to apply for continuing education?

TOEIC is not mandatory for continuing education (except for the M1 International Master in Business administration and for the M2 International Human Resources Management (minimum score 775), since you can assess your level through your experience. The level of English required is nevertheless the same as for students.

8. Is the IAE-Message Score (SIM) required to apply for continuing education?

The IAE-Message Score (SIM) is not required for continuing education, except for admission to Master 1 Accounting, Control, Audit.

9. What is the difference between a VAP and a VAE?

The VAP (validation of professional experience) allows you to access training without having the required level.

The VAE (validation of experience acquired) allows you to validate all or part of a degree without attending lectures/classes.

For more details, please go to the page VAE-décret 2002.

10. What level of French is required?


11. I am a trainee in continuing education. Who do I contact at the IAE?

The teaching secretariat for any questions relating to training (timetable, scores, etc.).

The continuing education department for all administrative matters (financing, application, registration, work placements, etc.).

12. I am a job seeker, registered with the “Pôle emploi”, and have been admitted to training at the IAE Gustave EIFFEL. I am going to make a request for coverage of my training costs. Are my training fees €1,800 or €6,300?

Your training costs are €6,300.00. You will be eligible for a reduction of your fees only if you are personally financing your training.

 13. I have been admitted to training at the IAE Gustave EIFFEL. Do I have to contribute to student social security?

No, you remain attached to the CPAM (Primary Health Insurance Fund) to which you have contributed.


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