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Fees for Continuous Education

Fees for 2022-2023


Campus Créteil & Sénart

Continuous Education Fees

  • 7500 € * per year (Bachelor 3rd Year, Master 1 and Master 2)
  • 10 000 €* per year (Master Innovation et Création d'entreprise / Master Management de projets et de la qualité)

  • 3500 €* per year Master 2 Conseil, Etudes et Recherche 

* Fee Waivers** are possible according to individual cases.

**A request for Fee Waivers must be sent to the Fee Waiving Commission of the Faculty of Economics and Management This request must include a motivation letter, a declaration of resources, a resume, and all relevant information (i.e. registration to Pôle Emploi).


Tuition Fees

Additionnally to the Continuous Education Fees, you will have to pay the national tuitions fees set by the French Government:

  • 170 € for Bachelor programs  ;
  • 243 € for Master programs.


For more details on financing your continuous education, check here

 Campus Marne-la-Vallée

Continuous Educations Fees

Tarifs de la formation continue IAE Gustave Eiffel / UPEM









Tuitions Fees

At Marne-la-Vallée campus no tuitions fees are to be paid additionnally to the Continuous Education Fees


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